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Mach, Thomas ; Grobbauer, Michael; Streicher, Wolfgang; Müller, Mario J.
mppf - The multifunctional plug&play approach in facade technology
2015; Format: 24,50 x 17,50 cm;gebunden
339 Seiten; ISBN: 978-3-85125-380-1;
42 €

Sprache: Englisch

Abstract: Classical facades and building envelopes are bound to traditional functions such as weather, heat and sound protection. But climate change and rising energy prices have become motivating factors promoting the integration of advanced energy efficiency and renewable energy capabilities into the facade. The research project “multifunctional plug&play facade” (abbr.: mppf) was dedicated to such capabilities in the field of curtain walls. In the project´s context, multifunctionality stands for the integration of solar harvesting and building services systems. The plug&play capability results in a significant decrease in on-site assembly and disassembly effort. Over a period of five years, an interdisciplinary team worked on increasing the functionality of facade elements and on the facade as a whole. This book offers insights into key research results including the development and evaluation of two physical and one virtual prototype.